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        Company News
        Contact info
        Address: Strengthens the Effective Road  Guzhen County, Bengbu, Anhui, China
        Contact: Mr Guo
        Tel: +86-552-6023123
        Mobile: +86-18655256462
        Fax: +86-552-6054440
        Code: 233700
        Experts: epoxy formulations containing filler there Chamber
        November 26, 2007:: epoxy resin formulations containing filler application design is its focus on the industry of gradually raising this concern, but in this regard the current domestic less reported in the literature. Recently, the Central Jiang Jiangshan Chemical Industry to conduct a study and achieve results. According to Chinese epoxy Industry Association (www.epoxy - e.cn) experts, researchers have to fill technical indicators and influencing factors, the best theoretical model filling, viscosity and surface area than the relationship between the filler (Si02 ) surface treatment technology, the effect of coupling agent and the role and mechanism of the destruction of curing filler, such as the experimental model in theory provide a wealth of data on the basis of the final certified results of experiments conducted examples. The classification of filler including two aspects mainly: skills of filler, some aimed at improving system performance, such as the linear expansion coefficient, YANG, water absorption, strength, etc.; economic fill, to reduce costs.
        No more than two kinds of filler fundamentally different from, often through add some filler, which lowered the cost and improve the performance of the material. To use microsilica (Si02) as an example the trial involving amorphous (angular) and spherical, crystalline and non-crystalline (melt-type), the results are packing technical indicators and influencing factors data, explore the use of liquid is the main double agent phenol A-type epoxy resin, curing agent is anhydride, is the promotion of tertiary amine, microsilica is the average size of the melting microsilica. China epoxy Industry Association (www.epoxy - e.cn) experts said that the three-point bending test: filling rate and the average particle size of flexural strength values into anti-correlation, filling a positive correlation with the viscosity, and microsilica size distribution reasonably accessible best packing density. Jiang Central Chemical researchers thus filling the best theoretical modeling. First, its main points: real ball of 100% of ideal particle is the ideal particle size distribution, particle well on our way with, filling; The ball is really in the data, materials (packing), "truth Ball particles" of (volume fraction of the weight or number or percentage, etc.) and the ratio of total particulates (V%% wt%, n%). 
        In practical application of the experiment, they choose the main agent for the first JEC - 834 (crystalline epoxy resin, 150 ° C ICI viscosity 0.1 P), curing agent for JHPN - 601 (linear phenolic resin, 150 ° C ICI viscosity 0.65 P), A filler for the average size 11 um single spherical microsilica, packing B for the average size 11 um single 3.10 - microsilica, packing C average spherical particle size 11 um modulation microsilica, packing C average size 10.8511 um spherical microsilica. Above the main agent used, curing agent, a filler to Des Voeux various additives, causing molding compounds and compared liquidity (SPIRALFLOW, atl75 ℃, mobile length). Viscosity and the relationship between the surface area experiments, they modified low viscosity epoxy resin-based agent, Me-HHPA for curing agent, spherical silica powder to fill, filling 50 wt% measured temperature of 25 ° C. Thus research filler (Si02) surface treatment technology, China epoxy Industry Association (www.epoxy - e.cn) experts said that they come to the main points of three aspects. 
        Specific include: First, include add, add directly to the component; Second, dry method, the coupling agent evenly dispersed filler (surface) in reserve; Third, hydrolysis, neutral water hydrolysis or coupled with the appropriate amount of water-immiscible hydrolysis of low boiling point solvents, acidic (alkaline) + acid hydrolysis of water (generally acetate) (or alkali, typically ammonia) + solvent hydrolysis, the general containing epoxy with acetate (PH: 5 ~ 6), the use of ammonia-containing amino hydrolysis (PH = 8 to 9). The effect on the coupling agent and the role of the mechanism, the researchers first examined the components that have to lower viscosity, the reasons for First Analysis dilute effect, in itself is a low viscosity (Tg excessive use will affect the strength and other properties) liquid; The membrane is made of, the surface covered with a layer of filler very thin coupling agent or its hydrolysis of membrane molecules, between dissimilar materials to reduce the friction coefficient. China epoxy Industry Association (www.epoxy - e.cn) experts said that the Central Chemical Jiang scientific findings concluded that the Second, we must improve degassing effect, so I can lower the viscosity effects can reduce the surface tension of bubbles , in particular-have polar air penetrating solid surface membrane, emulsion bubble capability so that degassing completely and thoroughly this nature is very important.
        Finally, we must lower the settlement of filler, is a combination of reasons, the coupling agent Si-0CH3 or Si-0H and filler component integration, the epoxy coupling agent (or other reaction-based) and the organic matrix, with the organic component epoxy resin between the molecular composition and chemical bonding force between, semi-chemical bond (hydrogen bonding) force, the filler particles effectively hinder the settlement movement in the characterization of the density, because of "0 = Si = 0 "," H-0-RX "with its characterization of the density decrease, the effective prevention of filler particles in the settlement. The choice for this coupling agent must pay attention to the following important aspects: whether the filler and resin components at the same time compatibility; best choice may react with the resin component of the species; dosage, according to the coupling agent " Minimum coverage area (m2 / g) "and the filler surface area calculation. Besides China epoxy Industry Association (www.epoxy - e.cn) experts stressed that according to research results of the selection and deployment of filler Several matter of common sense should be noted, such as: the compatibility with the resin system, and the coupling agent compatibility, particle size distribution, average particle size and surface area, the largest particle size and particle SIZE content, whether particles destruction (crack), the particle surface smoothness, the center of gravity in the center of the particle (tabular , needle installed components as few as possible), the real-degrees.
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